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Really Easy Drawings

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Really Easy Drawings Object That Are Beginners Friendly

Really Easy Drawings

Really Easy Drawings

Everyone sometimes needs time to relax to do creative activities such as drawing. However, not everyone may be great at drawing so they are too lazy to draw. In fact, drawing is a very beneficial activity to relieve stress. Here, you will know some of the really easy drawings objects that you can draw.


Really Easy Drawings Object


Drawing is not an easy thing for everyone. For those of you who are still beginners or want to develop your drawing skills from an easy stage, you can practice by drawing easy objects to draw first.


There are many everyday objects that you can use as your drawing inspiration. You can observe your surroundings. Starting from home furnishings, natural objects, food, and other objects you can make your drawing inspiration.


If you have difficulty imitating from pictures or imagination, you can also look for step by step tutorials on the internet. Here are some really easy drawings object that are very easy to draw, even for beginners:


1. Cloud

Cloud is one of the simple drawing aesthetics that most people choose to use as their drawing object. Drawing clouds is chosen as one of the main choices of people when drawing because to draw clouds does not require precise shapes or looks.


The shape of the clouds is quite random and uncertain, so many people can express themselves to make clouds with their own shapes. 


In addition, it takes a very short time to make clouds and only takes a few strokes. You can free handedly draw a cloud, or you can also use a reference from the cloud you see in the sky or picture.


2. Round Shaped Fruit

Round Shaped Fruit


You certainly often see round shaped fruits in paintings, whether it is a professional painting or children’s paintings in general. 


Fruit, especially the round shaped one, is one of the most common types of objects drawn by people. This is because the shape of the fruit is very simple so it is very easy to create an image from round shaped fruit.


Some round shaped fruits that you can make as your image object are apples, oranges, grapes, cherries, watermelons, and many others. You can choose for yourself which fruit you will use to create your really easy drawings.


3. Cartoon Face

Really Easy Drawings Kids


For some people, drawing faces may not fall into the category of really easy drawings. Drawing a face sometimes requires a lot of technique and calculation of the right proportions so that the face can form properly. 


However, this can be overcome by choosing to draw cartoon faces, instead of realistic faces. By drawing a cartoon face, you can create your own face drawing appearance that you want. 


The cartoon you draw can have very large eyes, or have a wide mouth, and you can also make it cute. If you draw realistic faces, maybe all the proportions have to be right, but that’s not in the case of drawing cartoon faces.


Drawing cartoon faces can also be a form of practice so you can draw realistic faces. If you are used to drawing cartoon faces, then later you will also be able to know the right proportions to draw realistic faces.


4. Food Object

really easy drawings food

Besides natural objects, food objects are one of the most frequently used types of objects as inspirational objects for drawing. 


One of the food objects that is most often drawn is ice cream. To draw ice cream, no very high skill is required. You can draw an ice cream by simply combining some simple shapes such as circles and triangles.


In addition to ice cream, other foods such as cakes, burgers, pizza, or also fries are also often simple drawing objects that you can draw anytime.


5. Sea Animals

really easy drawings sea animals


Since childhood, sea animals are one of the objects of really easy drawings which are also very often drawn by people of all ages. Sea objects such as fish, octopuses, shells, or other objects are usually not so complex that they are easy to draw.


Fish are the most chosen sea objects to draw. There are so many types of fish. Because of this, there are many choices of types of fish shapes that can be drawn. 


Starting from the shape of an ordinary fish that is elongated, to the shape of a fish that is round like a puffer fish. Because there are many kinds of fish shapes, it allows us to be creative with our drawings, so we don’t have to stick to certain looks.


6. Flowers

Really Easy Drawings Flowers


There are many types of flowers in this world. Of all these types of flowers, all flowers have different shapes and looks. There are many flowers with a conventional look, which are formed with uniformed petals. But there are also unique and unusual flower shapes.


These various forms of flower variations can help you to further explore your drawing abilities. You can draw simple flowers first, then start gradually until you can draw various flower shapes that are more complex.


At first, you might be able to draw simple flowers like roses, sunflowers, hibiscus flowers, and other simple flowers. Only then can you start drawing hydrangeas, poppies, and other more complex flowers.


Benefits of Drawing


What is important from the actual drawing activity is not only the final appearance of the drawings you produce. But in the process of drawing, you will hone your creativity and also relax your mind. Various studies have proven the various benefits of very beneficial drawing activities.


Even when you draw just really easy drawings, you’ve given your brain a chance to let your imagination and creativity run free. This is very good for the performance of your brain.


The following are some of the benefits of drawings that you should know:

– Train creativity

– Produces the hormone dopamine which is good for the body and brain

– Release stress

– Makes the brain youthful and not easily senile

– Train your visual nerves to stay sensitive to color


Actually, there are still many benefits from drawings that have not been mentioned above. The various benefits of these drawings can be enjoyed by all ages, from kids, teens, to elderly.

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