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Easy Coloured Pencil Drawings

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Easy Coloured Pencil Drawings Benefits, Tips and Technique


Easy coloured pencil drawings look like something you can make in your spare time.

Easy Coloured Pencil Drawings

Easy Coloured Pencil Drawings

Not only children who like to do this activity, many adults also like it. Drawing can make you feel happy. It can also provide many benefits for those who do drawing activity.


What Are The Benefits Of Drawing and Coloring?


For children, easy coloured pencil drawings can improve muscle performance to be more active and healthy. Coloring can also make children learn to recognize colors and also mix and match the right colors step by step.

Drawing can also be a way for children to express their feelings and what they are experiencing. Children will be happy and enjoy this activity.


As for adults, easy coloured pencil drawings can make them more relaxed.  Another benefit is to train the brain to solve problems and make you more focused. You can try it when you color your favorite picture. 


What Are The Tips For Painting With Colored Pencils?


Essentially, drawing with colored pencils is the same as using other mediums such as regular pencils, or oil pastels. Before you draw with colored pencils, you can search up easy colored pencil drawings to have a drawing reference.


If you want to achieve great results, there are a lot of tips that you can use to draw with colored pencils. Here are some of them:

1. Preparing Colored Pencils


When you sharpen colored pencils, try brushing the pencil against the bristles of a paintbrush or other tool with fine bristles such as a brush. This will help lift the colored pencil crumbs that stick to the sharp tip of the colored pencil.


That way, you can prevent the crumbs of colored pencils from falling onto your drawing paper. 


If your colored pencils are too short to sharpen or grip, you can look for ordinary writing pencils that have not been sharpened and then attach the tip of this pencil to the top of the colored pencil using glue. This method can help you stay comfortable holding colored pencils that are too short.

2. Coloring With Colored Pencils

Coloured Pencil Drawings


Don’t forget to base the drawing paper with some flat paper or books. It can help you more easily when stacking colors. This will prevent any marks from an uneven base on the drawing paper or dirt under the drawing paper that might stick.


When expressing the color and you want to mix colors that may not exist, you can use alcohol liquid that is used to clean the wound. The trick is to color the part you want to change the color. Then, you can dip a color brush in rubbing alcohol.


After that, gently brush the brush on the part you want to change the color. Don’t be too hard so that the paper doesn’t get wet and tear. This tip should also be tried when coloring on paper that is thick enough.


To prevent the color in the image from getting dirty, you can place a laminated plastic sheet between your hands and the part that has been colored.

3. The Right Way to Store Your Colored Pencils

The Right Way to Store Your Colored Pencils



If you utilize your hued pencils frequently and think that it is hard to return them to their compartment, you can make an uncommon holder for shaded pencils. No need to buy, you can use tube objects and can be placed on the table, such as used tissue rolls.


On the off chance that you have an enormous number of hued pencils and you are stressed that it will be hard to track them down or they will dissipate, it is better for you to store your coloring equipment in a container such as a special storage box.


This will make it more straightforward for you to find shaded pencils when you need to utilize them.


The Basic Techniques Tutorial of Using Colored Pencils


Easy coloured pencil drawings make painting simpler and easier. All you really want is paper, pencil, sharpener and eraser. It can be said that it is relatively cheaper than using other mediums. 


However, easy coloured pencil drawings results are no less attractive, both in terms of color texture, sharpness, and cleanliness. Hence, painting with hued pencils is additionally not as natural as we might suspect. There are many techniques for using colored pencils, here are some of them:

1. Stippling


Stippling is a method by orchestrating little specks on drawing paper. The points can be close together, it can also be rare or a combination of the two. Train yourself by drawing spots that are near one another or by the distance between them.


It ought to likewise be noticed the distinction between a point made utilizing a sharp pencil and an unpolished tipped pencil. Stippling is a great way to add dancing texture to your paintings.

2. Hatching


This technique is done by drawing a series of lines in parallel. These lines should be in the same direction. The lines can be close together, far apart or a variation between the two.


The pencil is lifted from the paper after completing each line and placed again to draw a new line. And so on, until the pattern or sketch that you want is finished.

3. Cross-Hatch


This strategy includes drawing a progression of equal lines and afterward attracting one more series of equal lines with an alternate bearing on top of the primary arrangement of equal lines.


This is a decent way of making concealing or shadows in the picture. By practicing continuously, you can create interesting textures during the cross-hatching process.

4. Back And Forth Stroke


This is the most well-known procedure utilized in all methods utilizing hued pencils. Maybe because it’s similar to the way you drew using crayons when you were kids.


Essentially, as indicated by this method, you put the pencil on the paper and draw persistently ceaselessly, to and fro, without lifting the pencil from the paper


This technique is an effective way of filling different areas of your drawing paper with a solid color result.

5. Scumbling


This technique may also be done on the drawing paper and without lifting the pencil. This is additionally a decent procedure for filling various regions with different shadings.

You can use one of the techniques above or you can also combine several techniques at once in one image to create colourful drawing ideas as interesting work. Of course, the most important thing is to keep practicing, so that you can master each technique well.

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