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Drawings Of Trees With Leaves

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How to Make Drawings of Trees With Leaves

Trees are one of the objects that are most often used as image inspiration for many people.

drawings of trees with leaves

This is because trees are found all around us and trees are also an object that is relatively easy to draw. However, there are still many people who are struggling to make drawings of trees with leaves. Most people only manage to draw tree trunks.

How to Draw Leaves on a Tree Easy

As mentioned earlier, actually drawing trees that have leaves is quite easy and also simple. Even so, it is quite tricky to draw realistic leaves shapes. That’s why most people usually prefer to just make a tree without leaves drawing.

To be able to make drawings of trees with leaves, actually you only need good observation and also a lot of practice to be able to draw the right shape of leaves on a tree. And to understand how to do it further, here are the steps you can take on how to draw leaves on a tree with pencil easily:

1. Find The Desired Tree Types of Shapes That You Want to Draw

drawings of trees


Leaves drawn on a tree will be the main determinant of how the final appearance and shape of the tree will be in the end. 

Each type of tree has a different type of leaf. You probably already know that there are many different types of leaves. Here are some types of leaves that you should know:

  • Leaves that are shaped like fingers.
  • Netlike leaves.
  • Pear-shaped leaves.
  • Heart shaped leaves.
  • Parallel leaves.
  • Compound leaves.
  • And many more.


You can observe for yourself that when you are in a park with different types of trees, the leaves that fall from those trees will also have various shapes.

For that, before starting to draw, know in advance what type of tree you want to draw, and how the shape of the leaves of the tree.

This is important because the shape of the leaves that you will draw later will greatly affect the texture aspect and also the shape of your tree drawing.

2. Start With Drawing a Tree Trunk

Start With Drawing a Tree Trunk


When you want to make drawings of trees with leaves, of course you have to start from drawing a tree first, then you can move on to drawing a bunch of other trees. First of all, you can start by drawing the trunk of the tree.

You can think of this tree trunk as the body of the body. If you have already determined the tree types you want to draw, then draw the tree trunk according to the characteristics and description of the tree types.

The trunk of an oak tree will certainly be different from a willow trunk. The tree trunk along with its branches will become a place for the leaves to be placed later, so you have to draw the shape of the tree branches that match the outline of the leaves shape that you want to draw later.

3. Draw The Leaves

Now is the most crucial part that will determine the final result of your drawing. You can draw leaves from your tree with various techniques. 

One of the easiest ways and the most widely used by people is to first shade the shapes of leaves you want. You can do this with only rough shading or you can also draw a framework for the shape of the leaves you want.

After you have created a sketch and framework that matches the shape of the tree you want, then you can start drawing all the leaves on your tree in more detail. You can do this by drawing one by one leaves with a shape that matches the type of tree you have chosen.

To make the image more realistic, create images of leaves that vary in size. In addition, don’t forget to take into account the realistic direction of leaf growth, according to the direction of the branch where the leaf grows.

4. Copy The Steps Until You Create a Bunch of Trees

Copy The Steps Until You Create a Bunch of Trees


Your goal is to create trees with attractive leaves. After you have succeeded in creating a single tree by leaving with satisfactory results, you can repeat the same steps until you create a collection of trees that you want. 

But when you create a collection of trees, you also have to take into account the position of the other trees as well as the position of their leaves touching.

5. Adding Details

Adding Details


The last part is to add more details to make your drawings of trees with leaves more realistic and natural. This part is an optional part that you can do or not, according to your own choice. But adding details will certainly make your drawing look more attractive and awesome again.

You can add various types of details such as textures, shadows, or even other complementary objects such as small animals that live in the tree that you create. And also, you can also add color to your tree so that your images come alive.

How to Draw Leaves on a Tree Digital

To make digital drawings of trees with leaves is actually the same as drawing traditionally with a pencil. You can follow the steps mentioned above before. In fact, drawing trees with leaves digitally is more preferable for many people because it is more to do.

When you draw leaves digitally, there is usually a special brush or stamp that you can use to create leaves automatically. You just need to choose the right brush and also use the brush to draw the shape of the leaves you want.

In addition, when you have succeeded in creating a tree, then you can just copy the tree in order to create a collection of trees that you want. Therefore, if you want to draw trees with leaves, it is recommended to use digital drawing software because it is much more practical and faster.To be able to make good drawings of trees with leaves requires a process that is not instant. If you fail to create the shape of the trees that you want, don’t give up and try again. Keep practicing until you can produce the drawing you want.

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