Crownpageant Digital Marketing Promotion Competition

CrownPageant proudly presents:
50% Discount Services Competition

Digital Marketing Services Promo for 3 MONTHS!

Win a 50% discount on all our digital marketing pricing plans for your business.

Competition Breakdown:
1. Entry Week:
a. Business owners/representatives are required to enter their business details on the promo entry page on our website
b. First 20 businesses that registered would be selected for the next stage -selectors.
c. The Entry Week is a one week program

2. Selection Week:
a. First 20 businesses to register at the Entry Week would advance to this stage.
b. This is the Competition proper, where the first 20 selectors’ details would be displayed on our platforms.
c. The top 5 businesses with the highest numbers of engagements at the end of this stage are crowned winners.
d. This is a 2 weeks event.

3. Announcement Week:
a. This is a 1 week event, and it is the final part of the competition.
b. The 5 businesses with the highest numbers of engagements are announced.
c. The top 5 businesses will enjoy a 50% discount services on any of their selected pricing plan for the month of April, 2021!

CrownPageant look forward to working with your prestigious Companies and Businesses.
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This competition is proudly designed and coordinated by CrownConsults (Business Development & Strategy Agency)