CrownBumps maternity pillow

CrownBumps Pregnancy Pillow
CrownBumps Pregnancy Pillow

Brand Name: CrownBumps

Material: 100% Cotton

Feature: Inflatable, Anti-Apnea, Anti-Snore

Filling: 100% Cotton

Shape: U-Shape

Part: Body

Fabric Count: 80

Usage: Bed Sleeping

Function: Rest Body

Type: Popular

Pattern Type: Print

Grade: Quality

Age Group: Pregnancy


CrownBumps Pregnancy Pillow
CrownBumps Pregnancy Pillow

CrownBumps Pregnancy Pillow

“Yes, pregnancy is tough on the body! Daily chores get harder to do. Simply bending down also feels uncomfortable. And, then one afternoon, you prepare yourself for a light nap after a heavy lunch and woah! How did sleeping become hard as well? That’s where total body pregnancy pillows come to the rescue. They are designed to hug and support the contours of your body so that lying on your side doesn’t feel like another punishment meted out by gravity.”

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